Plane Pal

From £8.00 / day

Plane Pal is a custom designed inflatable cushion that fills the space and creates a flat surface on an aeroplane between your child’s seat and the seat in front so they can either extend their legs or to lay flat and sleep. Made from high-quality nylon, Plane Pal is light-weight, compact and is easy to inflate and deflate. The Plane Pal, pump and travel bag weighs 1.3 kgs.

We highly recommend contacting your airline carrier prior to hiring to ensure they will allow its use. The advice from most airlines is that as long as the aisle and area between your seat and the seat in front remains clear during take-off and landing you are entitled to use an inflated cushion during the remainder of the flight.

Plane Pal is also designed for all forms of travel i.e. rail, buses and cars and is designed to fit most economy airlines and most standard, bus and train seats.

(minimum 2 day rental period)

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